Rassegna stampa:
Canada   Prajapati All planet is vibrating, Italian Scientist says -1  2 (file jpg) 27/12/2004
Canada   Head on Radio Tidal Wave began beneath Indian Ocean (file jpg) 27/12/2004
Canada   Unknown Country Great Quake has Earth Vibrating (file jpg)  27/12/2004 
Canada   Penticton Herald Tidal catastrophe (file jpg) 27/12/2004
Canada   Dr Digits Earth ringing like a bell (file jpg) 26/12/2004
Canada   Peace Earth Justice Now The quake even disturbed the Earth's rotation (file jpg) 26/12/2004
Canada   The himalayan Times Asian apocalypse: tsunami kill 9.500 - 1  2 (file jpg) 26/12/2004
Canada   CTV.ca Tsunami path of destruction - 1  2 (file jpg) 26/12/2004
Canada   Foxreno.com Seismologist: All planet is vibrating - 1  2 (file jpg) 26/12/2004
Canada      Actualités Quebec Un tremblement de terre touche le nord de l'Italie (file jpg) 24/11/2004
Canada Cybersciences Reapparition de l'ile engloutie (file jpg) 12/12/2002
Canada Quebec Science Réapparition de l'ile engloutie (file jpg) 12/12/2002
Canada Ratboy's anvil Hidden island off Sicily may reappear (file jpg) 25/11/2002
Canada The Canadian Press Aftershocks jolt quake-battered Italian village as last bodies are recovered - 1  2 (file jpg) 02/11/2002
Canada Globeandmail Earthquake forces hundreds from homes (file jpg) 30/10/2002
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