Rassegna stampa:
Delfi Oracle
Discovery Channel Oracle inspired by Low - Oxygen Delirium (file jpg) 09/10/2006
Unexplained Mystery The Oracle at Delphi in Central Greece was a major religious central for more than 1000 years (file jpg) 04/10/2006
Medknowledge Warum es in Delphi orakelte (file jpg) 10/2006
Science The Prophet of Gases (file jpg) 02/10/2006
Focus on Line Trance durch Sauerstoffmangel (file jpg) 30/09/2006
Farbimpulse Warum es in Delphi orakelte (file jpg) 30/09/2006
Geosociety The geological links of the ancient Delphic Oracle (Greece) (file jpg) 27/09/2006
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