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The spectral data base for Antarctic rock types

    Remote sensing is a powerful tool for geologic mapping in scarcely accessible areas as Antarctica. Multispectral images acquired by the presently available satellite and airborne sensors can be successfully used to make reconnaissance maps in which the Lithological units are discriminated on the basis of different reflectance properties of their lithological constituents. In the optical range, continuous improvement in the technical development of new instruments is now leading to a change from Multispectral to hyperspectral remote sensing.

Even with the greater spectral resolution these sensors provide, it will still be necessary to cross-check the remote sensing data with the ground truth. In the field of lithologic mapping the ground truth is represented by the measurement (in the field or in the laboratory) of the reflectance spectra of the rock types existing in the area.

For this purpose we are developing a spectral library of Antarctic rock types. Both laboratory and field spectral measurements are being performed; the reflectance values are associated with a set of ancillary data, including mineral and chemical composition, physical characteristics of the surface, measurement conditions, etc.


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