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A GIS tool for modelling surface displacement
due to fault dislocation


An easy-to-use tool to model surface displacement fields induced by heterogeneous slip on one or more active faults. In this release only the forward model is calculated, i.e. geometric and dynamic fault parameters are used as input to produce the consequent superficial displacement as output, according to the Okada equations.

The DIMOT interface has been fully developed in a GIS environment (ArcVIew 3.2 © by ESRI Inc.), while the modelling algorithm has been written in IDL (Interactive Data Language ® by Research System Inc.). So the user needs both these softwares installed on his computer to work with DIMOT.

Download the file (.zip, 1.02 Mb), unzip in a folder and then read the installation paragraph in the "Dislocation Modelling Tool.doc" file.





LILIAN - Spectral Library

A spectral library of Antarctic Lithologies.


LILIAN contains reflectance spectra measured in three different surveys and in the laboratory for several different rock surfaces belonging to geological formations of the Northern Victoria Land. You can browse
( and download LILIAN data for your use, we only ask you to acknowledge their provenance. A description of measurement campaigns, library concept and data format is provided in this file for your reference.

Download the file (.zip, 502 kb), unzip in a folder. The zip file contains the whole dataset and the related article (.pdf).


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