Why do we study the geomagnetic Jerks?
Currently we think that the jerk origin is to be researched in the inside of the Earth, although somebody argue of this hypothesis claiming jerks have an external origin probably linked to the effects that are induced by the solar cycle. The verification of the possibility of the internal origin of the jerk, is surely an important starting point for the study of the dynamic of the Earth interior and in particular for the study of the conductivity properties of the mantle. In fact, if such a signal would really be of internal origin, this would set some very precise limits on the mantle conductivity (through which this phenomenon propagates). On the basis of the jerk impulsive characteristics, a conductivity value for all the mantle of about 300 (Wm)-1 was set. Such value is extremely lower with respect to the one that was estimated before the discovery of the jerk but it would find a confirm in the electric potential measures made on transatlantic cables.

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