Internal Magnetic Fields
. Analysis and theory of the principal magnetic field
. Electromagnetic induction
. Crustal Magnetic anomalies
. Tectono-magnetism
. Paleomagnetism and rocks magnetism
External Magnetic fiel
. Introduction
. Daily variation
. Magnetic Storms
. Dynamics of magnetospheric plasma
. Pulses and rapid variations
Observatories and instrumentations
. Observatories
. Networks
. Research in Antarctica
. Historical studies and databases
. Instrumentation and new technologies
Environmental magnetism
. Introduction
. Test Site
. Search for buried metallic bodies
. Instrumentation
. Damps
Physics of the Earth Interior
. Fluid dynamic in the external nucleus
. Global Seismicity: effects on the variability of the terrestrial rotation
. Partitioning of toroidal and poloidal energy of the tectonic plates
. Influence of large water basins on the pole movement
Education and Outreach