Cavola Experiment: Borehole drilling and Downhole measurements
The borehole is located between lines G and H. Drilling was continuous down to 40 m and ecountered bedrock at 25 meters. The bedrock is varicoulored shale belonging to Monte Piano Marls Formation.
Down-hole P- and S-wave travel times were logged by Sezione di Geotecnica, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Università degli Studi di Firenze.
The bottom picture shows the first-pulse travel times as well as the corresponding profiles of average Vs and Vp values down to each depth. The inferred interval values of P-wave velocity are 520 m/s in the top 3 m above the water table, 1630 m/s in the body of the landslide, and 2850 m/s in the basement. For S-waves inferred interval velocities are 230 m/s and 625 m/s above the water table and in the basement respectively, while in the landslide below the water table the S-waves velocity increased approximately linearly with depth from about 300 m/s at the top to a value very close to that in the basement at the bottom.
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