Cavola Experiment: Servicing the equipment
We did two services of the stations obtaining respectively a 2% and 1% of instrument failure. These consist of data download in the field followed by data transfer to a desktop PC and DLT writer in the school basement. Here we had set up a computer centre with a Sun, a RAID drive and a Linux PC provided by SEIS-UK see photo.
Service 1: 17-19/08/2004
Service Team: Riccardo Azzara, Paola Bordoni, Alex Brisbourne, Anna Horleston .
We obtained 3GB from each of the 97 instruments , 2 had not restarted after the re-initialisation command during the installation. Due to the surprising growth of plants , it was difficult to locate the cables .

Service 2: 13-17/09/2004
Service Team: Paola Bordoni, Angela Chesi, Fabrizio Cara, Luca Lenti
The inclement weather led us to improvise Wellingtons. However, 3GB was successfully downloaded from 98 instruments and transferred to tape .

Service 3:
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