Cavola Experiment: Installation
Local array:
the installation was accomplished during the period 19-23/07/04. The installation team were:

Fabrizio Cara, Giuseppe Di Giulio, Anna Horleston, Paola Bordoni, Giuliano Milana, Gianfranco Colasanti, Marco Colasanti, Luciano Giovani, Vincenzo Cardinale, Felice Minichiello, Angela Chesi, Marco Cattaneo, John A. A Haines, Mark Haines, Justin Grounds.

The recording have started on the 19th of July 2004 and will continue until the end of October 2004.

Preparation: Prior to the installation we had to prepare the field. The plants were cut down see photo, and we laid out the grid with the help of Pino Capone and his electronic geodimeter see photo. A grid of 112 m x 80 m was measured and posts were set at distance of 8 meters downhill see photo and 10 meters along the hill see photo. The following day a digger dug the 95 holes in the places marked . We had expected a drill to make holes 40cm in diameter, but instead we got holes 130cm x 60cm .

Field Installation: The instrument was connected to the solar panel and the battery, then placed in two plastic bags and put in the hole on a few centimetres of sand. It was then oriented north, levelled and covered with sand . The sand was compacted and the level checked again . Then we communicated with the seismometer to check the levelling through the masses, the GPS lock and the streams to compile the installation sheet . The hole was then filled and the setup retested and reinitialised to eliminate the huddle test and installation noise from the recording . Finally the breakout box and cables were placed in a plastic bag , buried in a new channel and covered . Here the installation is well advanced .

Urban Installation: Four seismometers were deployed in the village of Cavola, two in private homes, one in a church and one in the nursery school. Each instrument was insulated in a polystyrene box and placed over a concrete surface . Then the GPS was put outside , power obtained and connected to the instrument .

photo gallery:
grid preparation - urban installation - array installation

Regional Array:
the installation was accomplished by: Paolo Augliera, Simone Marzorati, Ezio D'Alema, Mariano Maistrello.

A first scouting for the site selection was performed on 7th of July 2004.
The first station was installed on 8th of July (station: CABR).
This site has been used for a week to check the optimal values for acquisition parameter and station configuration.
The installation of further 4 stations (TINO, NERO, FUSO, ORSA) was accomplished during the period 13-15/07/2004.
For the regional network, the Reftek 130 acquisition systems coupled with Lennartz (Le-3D Lite, 1 hz) sensors, are used.
As for the local array, the instrument was connected to the solar panel and the battery. We use one plastic bags and we put the sensor in a small hole on a few centimeter of sand.
Every two weeks we return on the field to change the 1 Gb microdrives.
This operation has been carried out on 6-7/8/2004, 26-27/8/2004, 9-10/9/2004, 23-24/9/2004 and 7-8/10/2004.

photo gallery:

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