Bam (Iran) earthquake (December 26th, 2003)
On Dec. 26, 2003 at 01:56:56 (GMT) a destructive earthquake (Mw6.5, Ms6.7, USGS) hit the city of Bam in Kerman province, SE Iran. Up to this moment, strong ground motions were recorded by 24 set of SSA-2 digital accelerographs (BHRC). The maximum peak ground acceleration as much as 988 gals was recorded at the Bam station (raw data, vertical component).
The epicenter of the earthquake has been located at 29.00N, 58.33E (NEIC) and 29.21 N, 58.40 E (IGTU). First indication of the hypocenter location was obtained from the nearest recorded accelerogram at Bam station, with a Ts-Tp of about 1 second, suggesting a focal distance of about 7km. Best double couple solution of the mainshock, as obtained from preliminary moment tensor solution of the event indicates a right-lateral strike-slip movement on a N-S trending fault rupture.

from: BHRC


map from NEIC

map from IIEES


First results from SAR interferometry

Preliminary co-seismic interferogram of the December 26th, 2003, Bam (Iran) earthquake from Envisat ASAR data (December 3rd 2003 - January 7th 2004).
The red star is the epicentral location from NEIC, the green one from IGTU. Each color cycle represents about
2.8 cm displacement onto the satellite line of sight (red arrow).

map from International Charter

for more information: Dr. Salvatore Stramondo

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